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Integrity Shopping

If you own a business with a cash register and you can't be there all the time we can help you protect your business assets. The investigators at BostonDetective.com have been performing shopping services, bar spots and complete hotel evaluations for some of the nations most respected retail stores and hotel chains.

We have also designed and implemented total evaluations of services looking at value, courtesy, competence, honesty and integrity.

The cashiers, bartenders, housekeeping staff, and management team of large facilities to Mom and Pop stores have benefited from our services.

You will receive a comprehensive report which will encompass the issues vital to your business maintaining it's competitive edge. We will help you insure that you have an honest and hardworking staff adhering to your company's policy and practices.

Let one of our experienced retail investigators explain how BostonDetective.com can provide you peace of mind.

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