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Domestic Surveillance

Conducting an investigation upon a loved one to ascertain their fidelity, or upon a soon-to-be former spouse to locate assets or document unfitness for custody, is perhaps one of the most painful decisions a person can make. We at BostonDetective.com understand and appreciate this. We have conducted hundreds of these types of investigations, and are only too familiar with the pain, doubt, and questions that come with such an investigation.

We know that our clients need accurate, documented, and often photographic evidence, not only for current legal action but also for future peace of mind. Furthermore, we are aware that nothing can add to a client's pain more than a botched investigation. To prevent this, we consult with each potential client to see what information is needed, how best to obtain it, and estimate the cost of our services as well. We then professionally and unobtrusively conduct our investigation, obtaining whatever evidence is available.

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