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Criminal Facts Investigation

While working with some of the most highly regarded criminal defense attorneys in the country, the investigators of BostonDetective.com have investigated thousands of criminal cases.

The criminal defense investigators at BostonDetective.com have developed critical information which has enabled persons charged with all manner of criminal activity from murder to operating under the influence, to successfully defend themselves.

The best criminal defense attorneys rely on savvy, skilled, investigators to uncover facts which uncover reasonable doubt. Our case files are full of matters where critical, unnamed witness were located or where the prosecutions' main witness recanted or had their credibility impeached as a result of information unearthed by the investigators at BostonDetective.com. We excel at uncovering the facts which uncover reasonable doubt.

BostonDetective.com's investigators are skilled at locating witnesses, getting them to talk and obtaining clear, concise statements from them. Witness statements are provided to counsel in a timely fashion, and the experienced investigators of BostonDetective.com back them up with professional, credible testimony every time, without question.

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